Children of Michelle Parker Living with Prime Suspect; Are they Safe?

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The mother of missing woman Michelle Parker is bringing the prime suspect of her disappearance back into the story by discussing the children the two shared. Dale Smith Jr., the estranged fiancé of the missing Orlando mom, is the only suspect in the case but was given full custody of the twins he fathered with Parker. The woman’s mother claims that the two children “seem unhappy” in the care of Dale Smith Jr., but are these claims factual or just emotionally driven remnants of the resentment the family feels for the man?

It’s no secret that if detectives in Orlando had enough evidence against Dale Smith Jr. they would have arrested him several months ago. Instead, it seems as though officials merely called him out as their suspect as a hasty way to make it look as though they are doing their jobs. While it’s true that the man has a criminal past of aggression and he’s been publicly proven to have a short fuse, there is absolutely no evidence that Smith is a danger to his own children. This is not like the case of Susan Cox Powell and her husband Josh Powell, who took his children’s lives before his own on Super Bowl Sunday of this year.

Yvonne Stewart, the mother of Michelle Parker, says that she wants
greater visitation rights” and that the children are not the same they were six months ago. She says that they always have “flat looks” on their faces and are constantly asking about their missing mother. Well this doesn’t really sound like it’s something that is being caused directly by Dale Smith Jr., but a problem that any children of a missing parent would go through.

It’s easy to point fingers at Dale Smith Jr., but the times and evidence don’t necessarily add up in regards to him being a suspect. Again, it seems like the police in this area are simply trying to quickly close a case. This beginning profile of the case points out some of the inconsistencies that make it hard to believe the man is responsible for Michelle’s disappearance.

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