Children’s Book Author Thrown Off Plane For Cursing

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A New York children’s book author and producer, Robert Sayegh, was thrown off an Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight for using the f-word Sunday evening in Detroit.

Anyone who has sat on a tarmac for more than 10 minutes knows what Sayegh must have been going through to make him utter the word at least one time which caused such a raucous on the plane. Exactly why was this children’s book author thrown off this flight?

After hearing from the powers that be that there was a problem with the overhead compartments causing the delay in take off, Sayegh exclaimed his dismay out loud, to no one in particular, using the f-word. Obviously, the flight attendant sitting nearby didn’t like foul language and the next thing he knew, the police were involved.

Foul language is not something that most people enjoy hearing, but to be ejected from a flight for using it once or twice seems a tad excessive. Who authorized this booting off the plane of Mr. Sayegh? Did the flight attendant make this call alone? It seems like it should take more than one person to take this kind of action. Is uttering a curse word to oneself so bad that it should get one ejected from a plane?

In his own defense, Sayegh admits he made a mistake using the language on the plane. “The f-word is not a nice word to use,” he acknowledged in a telephone interview, adding he was complaining to himself rather than snapping at anyone in particular.

“The ironic part is I’m putting a children’s book out in August so this wasn’t the kind of press I was looking for.” said Sayegh.

Even though not particularly good press, all this talk about Sayegh might cause people to look up his new book for children that, he was quick to add, doesn’t contain any curse words.

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