Child’s imaginary friend may be a ghost

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The movie, “Sixth Sense” may be more truth than ficiton. Kids who see ghosts or imaginary friends may need help. One psycotherapists believes they may acturally see ghosts when they have imaginary friends.

“Turns out, what’s really shocking is how many kids can actually communicate with spooks — or at least feel they do. So says Caron Goode, a Fort Worth, Texas-based psychotherapist and author of the new book “Kids Who See Ghosts: How to Guide Them Through Fear” (Weiser Books).”

My son had an imaginary friend named Jim Jim. I had to set the table with an extra place, and if something naughty happened, Jim Jim did it. One day, I was tired, and grumpy. My three year old wanted more food for Jim Jim. I asked my son why Jim Jim didn’t go home.

My son panicked. He told me Jim Jim didn’t have a home. Jim Jm’s family died in a fire and came to live with us. After that, Jim Jim didn’t come anymore. I felt terrible.

Now, reading this, I feel even worse. Are imaginary friends ghosts?

Dr. Caron Goode relays a similar story of her own experience as a child. Mainly she wants parents to know that you need to be open to what your kids are telling you. They may just need someone to listen to them, but don’t judge them by your adult experiences.

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