Chile UFO : Were Military Jets Being ‘Stalked’ By Alien Craft?

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The UFO shown in a video taken in Chile may show an alien craft “stalking” military jets at an air show.

If you watch the video, you can see the craft, but you might need to slow the video down in order to see it. It’s obvious that something (who knows what) came up off the ground, made a circular motion and then flew under the fighter jets as they were approaching the air field.

However, though it is visible on the video, it’s questionable. Why didn’t anyone on the ground see this UFO? Why did it only appear when the person who took the video watched it back?

“From different locations, spectators aimed video cameras and cell phones at groups of acrobatic and fighter jets performing an air show overhead. Nobody saw anything amiss. But afterward, an engineer from the adjacent Pillán aircraft factory noticed something bizarre while viewing his footage in slow motion,” said Live

Since it wasn’t really visible to the naked eye on only showed up on film, some people believe that the UFO was actually just an insect.

It’s really hard to tell, but check out the video for yourself and then decide if it is an alien craft chasing the jets or just an insect flying by the camera.

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