Chilean Miner Gets Free Trip to Elvis Home, Graceland

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After 68 days buried deep in the earth, Chilean Miner Edison Pena gets trip to Graceland. During the live video feed of the Chilean miner rescue last night, news commentators made a big deal out of how much Pena was a die hard Elvis fan and had requested Elvis music early on in his ordeal from the workers above. Some of his cohorts even say Pena is a great singer of Elvis songs and led the other miners underground in singing them to keep the morale of the trapped miners afloat. 

The gift is donated by Elvis Presley Enterprises and the Memphis Visitor’s Bureau. It was Elvis Presley Enterprises that sent music to the trapped miner in Chile as they tried to stay alive and endure their life threatening entrapment 2,000 feet under the Chilean desert in the collapsed gold and silver mine. Edison Pena would jog up to 2.5 kilometers a day while trapped in the mine to stay fit according to rescuers. He is the same miner who jumped from the rescue capsule “fenix” once out of the shaft and ran around hugging the president of Chile as well as all the rescuers. His jubilance was catching and ignited celebration by all the bystanders and workers. Even those watching on TV were lifted by the brave man’s excitement to have conquered such confines only a miner would know. 

According to CNN, he will be allowed come to Graceland any time he so desires but is encouraged to make his trip once the Elvis mansion is decorated for Christmas. The trip to Graceland and Memphis is “all expenses paid” and he is invited to have access to all things Elvis and stay in the historic luxury hotel the Peabody. Surely they will also let him and his family gorge themselves on world class barbeque ribs across the street at Gridley’s. Today Edison Pena has much to sing about and so do all the people of Chile! This was one of the bright spots in the Chilean miner rescue.

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