Chile’s Worst Prison Fire Kill 83 Inmates

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Fire killed 83 inmates and critically injured 14 others in Chile’s worst prison fire ever. Officials say that the fire was deliberately set early Wednesday morning at the San Miguel prison. Surveillance video shows that a fight had broken out, and someone set the fire. 

Chile’s Worst Prison Fire

Relatives watched in horror as a list of survivors was read, wondering if their loved ones were among the dead. It must have been horrible for families to watch. 

“Some relatives screamed when officials read out lists of some prisoners who had survived the blaze, assuming those not included were dead. Officials stressed the lists were only partial. Some relatives threw rocks and glass bottles and scuffled with police in frustration.”

Chile’s prisons are some of the most inhumane in the world. Recently, Chile suffered a major earthquake, tsunami, and the mine collapse. Why is Chile in the center of news again? Maybe this will bring about prison reform.

What a horrible way to die. These prisoners have it bad enough without someone setting the prison on fire. The death toll may rise, as those injured may also die. How tragic this fire is.

Chile Worst Prison Fire

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