China 7.1 earthquake real, California 8.4 earthquake a hoax (photos)

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While all major news agencies have reported a 7.1 earthquake on the Tibet/China border about 24 hours ago, another 8.4 earthquake has been rumored but not confirmed in California.

Sadly, the 7.1 Asian shaker is real and the 8.4 quake, allegedly centered in the Los Angeles area. is a joax, as Lalate confirms.

More than 400 died in the Quinghai province of China quake and the damage is devastating (see PHOTOS HERE), but the earthquake that never happened in Southern California is not only fake but also a stupid way to get people’s attention. This is especially so with so much seismic activity in the world these days and with so many deaths as a result of these earthquake. To making something up like this is NOT FUNNY. Not at all.

My heart goes out to all who lost family members in the China earthquake and to all the other natural disaster victims in our world that seems to be getting hit hard these days.

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