China Arnold Gets Life for Daughter’s Microwave Murder

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An Ohio jury handed down a life sentence to China Arnold, a mother convicted of killing her month-old baby by placing the infant in a microwave back in 2005. This was the third trial for Arnold because the first two ended in mistrial due to conflicting witness testimony.

According to CNN, the murder took place in August 2005 when the mother was battling with the child’s father over whether he was responsible for the child, a fact he disputed at the time. The jury heard evidence that Arnold was extremely drunk on the day of the murder, but that issue ultimately didn’t carry weight in their deliberations.

The case has sparked outrage in the local community, with backers of Arnold claiming law enforcement officials have continued the prosecution knowing full well that Arnold is actually innocent. In her last trial, a teen-aged boy came forward to say that he saw another child place the baby in the microwave. This jury didn’t buy that story. Arnold will serve her sentence with no chance of parole.

What a terrible story. No matter how drunk a person is it’s hard to believe they would put a baby in a microwave for two minutes. Doctors say the child “was cooked” and stood no chance of recovering even if she had been pulled out in time. What a horrifying death.

What do you think? Should the mother have gotten the death penalty? Or is life in prison a more appropriate punishment?

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