Chinese Blogger Jailed for Twitter Jokes About Communist Party

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A Chinese Blogger was arrested by police after he sent out a joke on Twitter about the Communist Party Congress. Now, Chinese internet users from everywhere are rallying to support Zhai Xiaobing, from Beijing. The Chinese government has been extremely quick to quell any perceived dissent about the meeting of the Communist Party, which finished last week. Police were sent to arrest hundreds of people who were trying to protest against the local government in Beijing.

In America, it is difficult to imagine such a thing happening. The entire nation would unite if someone were arrested for something they said over Twitter, especially if it was just a joke, but in other countries dissent is apparently no laughing matter. Zhai sent out the tweet on November 5th and it was a simply a sardonic tweet that said that the next “Final Destination” movie would be about the Great Hall collapsing on the delegates of the Communist Party. The “Final Destination” movies are about people marked by death who somehow escape it and are chased down by the grim reaper one by one.

A friend became concerned about Zhai after his Twitter was no longer posting and contacted his family, who told the friend that the Chinese blogger had been taken away by police and that his computer had been seized.

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