Chinese Government Ban on Time Travel

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Along with Facebook, Youtube, spitting in public and reincarnation, China is now enforcing a ban on time travel — in television and movies, that is.

China’s State Administration for Radio, Film and Television, otherwise known as the country’s media censor, has released new guidelines that “discourage” time travel in the media.

According to the New York Times, the censorship agency made a public statement claiming that shows featuring time travel “lack positive thoughts and meaning.” They go on to say that shows featuring time travel are “monstrous” and “weird,” and promote “feudalism, superstition… and reincarnation.”

The ban on time travel in media likely comes as a response to the hit series Jade Palace Lock Heart, in which a young woman travels back in time to the Qing dynasty and has romantic affairs with several princes. Jade Palace airs on the Hunan Television network, a main competitor for the state-run network China Central Television.

Although the ban on time travel hasn’t specifically taken steps to completely remove shows like Jade Palace from the airwaves, it remains to be seen whether such shows will be able to continue in the wake of an official policy of “discouragement.” After all, we’re all familiar with the fate of some other things China has “discouraged,” like free speech.

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