Chinese nurse fired for mocking babies!

A Chinese nurse fired for mocking babies has since apologized, but she still lost her job. The nurse made a video that went viral, but it proved costly for the nurse. She took video of newborn babies in her care, in awkward positions.

One photo has a baby with its little head cocked off to the side. In another video, a newborn wears a pig snout. The photos went on and on, but the Chinese people did not like or appreciate the tasteless joke.

To make fun and mock such innocent little ones who were in this nurse’s care, is beyond tacky. She was promptly fired, and maybe she should never care for anyone who is so hopeless.

What is most disturbing about this nurse fired for mocking babies is the fact that today’s children suffer from online bullying but for this nurse to bully newborns in her care, should get her more than fired!

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