Chivas vs America 2010 soccer football match info

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The Chivas vs America 2010 soccer game, or football depending how you view it, is considered “El Super Classico”.  It’s the derby of all football derbies when Club Deportivo Guadalajara A.C. (Chivas) will take on Club de Futbol America.  The Chivas team hails from Guadalajara, Mexico, while the America team is from Mexico City.  It’s a soccer battle between the two biggest cities in Mexico.  This game was once considered a battle between the team with the best Mexican players versus the team with the best foreign players, the Chivas versus the Americans.

The Chivas vs America rivalry has seen a total of 152 matches with the Chivas winning 55 and America winning 51.  There were 46 draws in the storied rivalry.  Their last match went down in 2009 on April 19th, with the Chivas winning.  In fact, the Chivas have won their last 3 matches dating back to April 13, 2008.  However, If you look at the past 7 futbol contests between these two, Club de Futbol America has won four of the seven games.

The latest chapter in this rivalry will be written in their Chivas vs America 2010 scheduled soccer game.  It takes place today, Sunday April 4, 2010 at approximately 4:55 PM Pacific Time or 7:55 PM Eastern Time.  Today’s game takes place in the Chivas’ stadium Jalisco which has a capacity of 68,000 or so.  Many believe because of their better roster of talent and home field advantage, that the Chivas will take today’s game over Club de Futbol America by scores of 3-0, or maybe even 4-0.  It should be another interesting matchup in this classic futbol rivalry!


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