Chocolate Cuts Stroke Risk in Women: How Much Helps?

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Chocolate cuts stroke risk, which is good news for women who love the special treat. Of course, the news may not be so rosy for men who love the delicious indulgence.

Chocolate Cuts Stroke Risk in Women: How Much Helps?So far, the positive health effects of chocolate include lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease and now reduced stroke risk. In even better news, the more of the cocoa bean product, the better for women.

For every 1.8 ounces of the candy women ate each week, their stroke risk went down by 14 percent. Women who indulged in 2.4 ounces of chocolate each week had a 20 percent lower risk of stroke.

Flavonoids are the most likely reason that this delicious indulgence has so many health benefits. They enhance blood flow and also reduce platelet clumping, which helps increase cardiovascular health.

Does this news mean that women should eat chocolate with abandon? Not quite. The study’s author Susanna Larsson said, “Consuming too much chocolate is probably not good, as chocolate is rich in sugar, fat and calories, and may lead to weight gain, which increases the risk of chronic diseases.”

However, this news could mean that when you have to cut something out of your diet, chocolate may not be the best choice because it does have health benefits. As with anything, this needs to be eaten with moderation. Even with the caveat of added fat and calories, this news is still joyous for women everywhere who love to indulge their sweet tooth in this cocoa rich treat.

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