ChokeHold of ATT (Fake Steve Blog Included)

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I am so in agreement with “FakeSteve”. ATT is a liar. I use ATT because it is the only one available, or I believed so until earlier today when I made a search and found another phone company.

When I firt signed up with ATT, they made promises about a package deal for a year. My first bill came and it was 50.00 over what they told me. When I brought it to their attention, they claimed I didn’t request the long distance bundle with my services. I dug up my order form from my email and faxed it to them..yes, I did. They then claimed that they would credit my account, but still had to pay the full bill. I did because I needed the internet and phone for work. Next bill arrived, no credit. Called again, same crap as before…this has been going on for five months.  Plus, if the bill isn’t paid on the exact date, I get a disconnection noticed within two days.

I hope FakeSteve can do what he claims to: Below is a brief, you need to go to site for full article to get jist of it:

AT&T: Chokehold is “irresponsible and pointless”

Screen shot 2009-12-15 at 11.27.29 PMThat’s what they told Cult of Mac in a statement tonight, and all I can say in response is, Um, have you read this blog before? Irresponsible and pointless are pretty much all we do around here.

But yes, we feel chastened. Frankly, we should be ashamed of ourselves.

Then again, at least we didn’t rake in $40 billion in revenues and $10 billion in profit over the past nine months by selling a wireless network that doesn’t work right.


And at least we’re not saying one thing in our advertising (unlimited!) and another thing when we talk to investors at Wall Street conferences.

As for Chokehold, people keep asking me if I think it will succeed. My answer is that it already has. Have you seen the coverage of this thing? It’s all over Twitter. Tonight it hit the Wall Street Journal. Who knew there was so much anger out there? As far as I’m concerned, it’s mission accomplished.

I think the reason people are so angry goes beyond AT&T and the iPhone. I think the anger stems from the fact that we’re living in the United States, which used to be considered a First World country, and yet we’re dealing with a wireless system that feels like something you’d find in Port-au-Prince during hurricane season. In fact the developing world is racing past us, building out new wireless networks while we’re stuck with this POS legacy infrastructure run by POS legacy behemoths that either can’t or won’t bring it up to snuff.

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