Cholesterol shot lowers cholesterol an average of 66%!

In trial studies, a cholesterol shot lowers cholesterol an average of 66%! The first phase of testing patients who had high cholesterol is a success. The patients were given AMG 145, and the numbers are staggering.

According to Yahoo Health, “The early phase 1 clinical trial, designed mainly to see if the treatment was safe, followed 51 patients who received a shot of the drug, AMG 145, either once every two or every four weeks.”

The news is promising for those who have struggled with high cholesterol. I have tried everything, but the doctor says my family history is such that we just have high numbers. I am not overweight and even after losing weight, my numbers went up rather than down, so this study is exciting.

The next phase testing the cholesterol shot is soon, and if approved it may be ready for general use.

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