‘Chopped’ on Food Network ‘A Very Piggy Halloween’ Recap

This special competition episode of “Chopped” is titled “A Very Piggy Halloween” hosted by Ted Allen and the judges for this episode are Amanda Freitag, Marc Murphy and Chris Santos, all excellent chefs in their own right and who also appear on many other cooking shows.

The chefs competing in this episode are Sean Scotese, a freelance chef from New York City soon to open his new restaurant; Kyle Bernstein from New Hampton, NY, a culinary instructor; Pete Ascolese, head chef and owner of Hope & Anchor in Brooklyn, NY; and Brittany Evans, sous chef at Northern Spy Food Co. in New York City.

In the first round their challenge was to make an appetizer in 20 minutes with the four mystery ingredients: Lacinato Kale, Finger Lime, Gummy Tarantulas, and precooked Pig Snout. Pete made crostini with kale and pig snout using onion, rosemary and baguette. Sean made pig snout croquette using eggs, panko, and ginger. Brittany made pig snout and kale crostini using wine, bacon, and onion. Kyle made a kale salad with tarantula reduction using champagne vinegar. The first chef to go was Pete.

For the entrée round the ingredients were Calf Liver, Sea Beans, Strawberry Popping Candy, and Dried Ghost Chilies. Sean made corn meal crusted liver with sea bean salad using radicchio, potatoes, and onions. Kyle made liver and sea bean stir-fry using shallots, tomatoes, and garlic. Brittany made fried liver with sea bean salad using panko, milk, and mustard. Kyle was “Chopped” from the competition because her dish did not make the cut.

The last two chefs had Puffed Rice Cereal Bars, Spiced Rum, Rambutans, and Tequila Lollipops with Worm Included. Brittany made fritters and pine nut brittle using flour, eggs, and sugar. Sean made crêpe with rambutan dessert sauce using ricotta, flour, and lemon. The winner of the $10,000 prize and bragging rights as a “Chopped” champion was Sean Scotese, who will put the money to work for him in his new restaurant.

Photo: Food Network Logo/starchoice.com via Wikimedia

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