‘Chopped’ on Food Network ‘Chewing the Caul Fat’ Recap

This episode of Chopped brings four chefs together to strut their stuff. This group of four was two men and two women. In the first round their challenge was to make an appetizer in 20 minutes with the four mystery ingredients; Sea Scallops, Guaje Beans, Aged Cheddar, and Pickle Juice.

One chef makes pan-seared scallops with pickle juice sauce, another makes grilled scallops with polenta, the third makes seared scallops with beurre blanc, and the last chef makes seared scallops with ginger, lemon-grass and cucumbers.

The host is Ted Allen and the judges are; Scott Conant, Marcus Samuelsson and Aaron Sánchez, no strangers to competition and frequent judges on Chopped.

The judges critique the four presentations, and the chef who was eliminated was the chef who made the pan-seared scallops with the pickle juice sauce.

The three remaining chefs had 30 minutes for the entrée round and their ingredients were Black Bass, Raspberry Lavender Risotto, Savoy Cabbage and Caul Fat (thin fat membrane used to wrap large pieces of meat to keep them moist.) One chef makes roulade and seared bass, another makes caul fat wrapped bass and lardons (strips of fat) using bacon, lemon-grass and tequila, and the third chef prepares pan-seared black bass with raspberry risotto and sausage and Savoy cabbage. The chef who was Chopped was the chef who made roulade and seared bass.

The two remaining chefs, one male and one female had four ingredients for the dessert round: Cosmopolitan Mix, Dried Apples, Biscotti, and Edible Flowers. The male chef made, Parfait with Cosmo Mix Glaze using cardamom, ginger and pink-peppercorns. The female chef made “Biscookie” with Apple Gelato using cocoa powder, egg whites, and mascarpone.

In the end, Chef Lester Walker was the winner of the $10,000 and bragging rights for being the Chopped champion.

Pickle: Wikimedia

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