‘Chopped’ on Food Network ‘Grilltastic!’ Recap

This special grilling competition episode of Chopped is titled “Grilltastic!” hosted by Ted Allen and the judges for this episode are Marc Murphy, Elizabeth Karmel, and Chris Santos—excellent grill chefs in their own right and who also appear on many other cooking shows.

The chefs competing in this episode are: Jay Lippin, executive chef of Hospitality Barbeque in New York City; Richard Park, chef and co-owner of Cat Head’s BBQ in San Francisco, California; Melissa Cookston, a professional barbeque competitor from Nesbit, Mississippi who has won world and national championships for her famous recipes; Chef Sean Brasel, executive chef/owner of Meat Market Restaurant in Miami, Florida. These chefs are used to making creations that take hours to days to cook and prepare; how will they fare in a competition based on just 20 or 30 minutes?

In the first round their challenge was to make an appetizer in 20 minutes with the four mystery ingredients; Sweet Tea Vodka, Asian Steamed Buns, Baby Romanesco Cauliflower, and Extra Firm Tofu. Melissa made a grilled tofu BBQ sandwich using olive oil and Dijon mustard. Richard made Asian-style tofu bao using sesame oil and soy sauce. Jay made smoked tofu tomato sauce using canned tomatoes and olive oil. Sean made marinated tofu with grilled Romanesco using cinnamon and star anise, but despite a beautiful looking dish, Sean was eliminated.

For the entrée round the ingredients were Wagyu Rib-Eye Steak, Baby Corn, Watermelon and Coleslaw Dressing. Richard made grilled wagyu with watermelon rind pickles using onions and sugar. Jay made espresso & ancho rubbed rib-eye using ancho chili peppers and cumin seeds. Melissa made grilled rib-eye with grilled corn salad using olive oil and tomatoes. Melissa was the chef who was Chopped because her steak was nearly raw.

The last two chefs had; Stout Beer, Empanada Wrappers, Peaches, and Marshmallow Spread for the 30 minute dessert round. Richard made dessert biscuit with peaches and cream using buttermilk and flour. Jay made stout ice cream with whoopie pie using buttermilk and eggs. The winner of the $10,000 prize and bragging rights was Jay Lippin the Chopped champion.

Photo of grilled steaks: Wikimedia

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