‘Chopped’ on Food Network ‘Leftovers Extravaganza!’ Recap

This episode of “Chopped” brings four more chefs together to test their cooking skills and creativity in the kitchen. This particular group of four consists of two men and two women chefs.

The host is Ted Allen and the chef judges are Marcus Samuelsson, Amanda Freitag, and Chris Santos, no strangers to competition and frequent judges on the show.

In the first round their challenge was to make an appetizer in 20 minutes with the four mystery ingredients: leftover pizza, leftover beer, graffiti eggplant, and dried plums.

One of the female chefs will use the pizza as thinly sliced pasta with seared eggplant. The male chef with a flamboyant mohawk is making pizza and beer sauce using parmesan, red chili flakes, and ricotta. Another female chef makes pizza salad with prune purée, and the last male chef makes grilled eggplant with plum gastrique, but his appetizer failed to impress the judges and he was “Chopped.”

For the entrée round the ingredients were leftover pot roast, leftover steamed rice, escarole, and 1/2 bottle of white wine. Thirty minutes for the round and immediately the three chefs get to work. The one woman chef makes roast beef biryani, a takeoff of an Indian dish with yogurt, mustard, and cumin. The other female chef decides to make roast beef stroganoff using sour cream, thyme, and mushrooms. The mohawk man is making pot roast tempura using flour, cornstarch, and sugar; being a father of three boys, he knows what it is like to use leftovers. The female chef who made the biryani was the one who got “Chopped.”

The last two chefs had leftover vanilla milkshake, leftover refried beans, butter crackers, and kiwi for the 30 minute dessert round. One chef makes mascarpone and bean cream with almonds, jam, and honey, while the other chef makes a crust with the crackers and tries to make a creamy dessert, but the kiwi has an enzyme that breaks down dairy products.

The winner was Chef Natalie Jacocks, a line chef at Fette Sau in New York City, the youngest of the four chefs and is happy to be a girlie girl who can cook and take home the $10,000 prize and the title “Chopped” champion.

Photo of Leftover Pizza: Wikimedia

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