Chris Brown Abusing Rihanna in a New Way?

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Chris Brown may have tried to be a better man since his infamous beating of Rihanna a few years ago, but apparently he just can’t stop himself from trying to hurt her in various ways.

A new article in The Guardian references the fact that once someone becomes an abuser they will usually stay in that mindset and if they can’t physically hurt someone, they will adapt and hurt their victim in other ways.

Is that what Chris did recently when he released a diss track—presumably about Rihanna—basically calling her a s*ut for all the world to see?

It would make sense, since he can’t exactly go out and beat her—or anyone else—physically, he seems to have adapted and found a new way to abuse: verbally and emotionally.

Even more shocking is that he is doing the abusing from afar, making it clear that he won’t stop trying to hurt Rihanna even though they have reportedly moved on from each other.

Though you want to believe that Chris Brown is a changed man—and it sure looked like he was until he released this track—it’s easy to see how he could fall back into old patterns and begin abusing again.

Do you think C Breezy meant the verse for Rihanna? Who else would he be talking about?

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