Chris Brown Abusive Past Still Heavy Influence in His Career

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Chris Brown appears to be rising back to stardom (somewhat), but wherever he goes he still bears the ugly black mark of someone who’s beaten a woman. What’s most disturbing about the incident between he and Rihanna in 2009, is that many have actually placed blame on the troubled rapper’s former girlfriend for what happened. That’s a shame, and it’s somewhat indicative of an acceptance of domestic violence—which should never, ever be acceptable.

One in five teens are reported to have experienced some form of dating-related violence. You pair that statistic with the fact that most of “Breezy’s” fans are teenage girls, then you’ve got a potential recipe for future domestic violence acceptance. One Chris Brown fan admits that she not only forgives him for violently battering Rihanna in 2009, but she wants to model her boyfriends after him.

It’s absolutely disturbing to see the growing trend in young women becoming nearly complacent with dating violence, especially in the wake of Chris Brown’s 2009 incident with his former girlfriend, Rihanna. The photos of her face, mangled and swollen, are readily available online so it’s not like it’s completely unknown by the entire world. Yes, Chris Brown may have apologized and he may never do it again—but some experts in the studies of domestic violence believe that his song lyrics prove rather challenging to his apologies.

This isn’t saying that a poem or a song indicates a person’s underlying nature, but the world has already seen Chris Brown, aka “Breezy,” behave in such deplorable ways that it already doesn’t truly matter if he apologizes anymore. The hard part ahead for now is getting young women to understand that domestic and dating violence are unforgivable offenses.

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