Chris Brown and Drake Fight: Nicki Minaj Weighs In!

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Nicki Minaj is not one to filter her thoughts, especially where the Chris Brown, Drake fight is concerned. To put it bluntly, Nicki “doesn’t approve” of the Breezy-Drake feud one bit. Why does Minaj sound like a mother scolding little kids?

The thing is, Nicki Minaj is right about both Chris Brown and Drake when it comes to their bar brawl earlier in June. In a recent interview, Minaj took the high-road, at least when talking about Drake:

I don’t approve of talented people doing things that aren’t conducive to an amazing career. I spoke to Drake, and I told him from the bottom of my heart how I felt. I’m like, ‘Baby, you are a superstar, and I need you to realise that.’

Of course, Nicki Minaj has had her own controversies from wardrobe malfunctions to an alleged fight with her former maid. Perhaps now she can pass along a little of her own personal experience dealing with mistakes to help keep Chris Brown and Drake out of even more trouble in the future. Goodness knows, fans would rather hear them make music than read about a stupid fight in a club.

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