Chris Brown and Rihanna Diss Karrueche in Online Pics

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Poor Karrueche. First, Chris Brown kicks her to the curb like something unpleasant stuck on his shoe. Then, literally adding insult to injury, he disses her by posting a weird caption-less photo reportedly aimed at La Tran on his Instagram account. As if that wasn’t enough, CB’s new girlfriend, Rihanna, also dissed the model in her perfume ads. Maybe it’s time for Karrueche to take a long vacation.

On October 4, the same day Mr. Breezy announced the end of his relationship with his long-suffering girlfriend of 2 years, he posted an odd photo online. Tran wasn’t in the pic, but some of her belongings may have been. CB posted a pic of ‘a packed duffel bag’ that reportedly belonged to his cast off lady-love. Although the photo appeared on Brown’s Instagram account without a caption, inside sources say Karrueche “wanted to get her stuff out of Chris’ place — ASAP!” If indeed they are her bags, CB’s Instagram pic was more than a little out of line. But is anyone surprised?

Meanwhile, in another part of the celebrity arena, Mr. Breezy’s old-and-now-new-again love, Rihanna may have some serious ‘splainin’ of her own to do. According to Media Take Out, the “Umbrella” singer’s “latest look for her perfume, Nude” is suspiciously reminiscent of—guess who?—Karrueche Tran. And as you can see by clicking here, MTO has a point. In the Nude photo shoot, RihRih’s hair is once again, blonde-on-blonde and slightly longer than shoulder length. Wavy and sexily tousled, it’s also swept dramatically over her left eye as if she were channelling 1940s film noir icon Veronica Lake. Or not. She could be channelling Karrueche. Or as MTO put it:

“In addition to Karrueche’s swag, Rihanna stole her man, too.”


So there you have it. Do you think Chris Brown and/or Rihanna deliberately dissed Karrueche? Or were these simply coincidences?

Stay tuned.

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