Chris Brown and Rihanna Gain Twitter and Facebook Fans After Remix Songs

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Singers Chris Brown and Rihanna got back together to record remixes for “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up the Music.” The results of their work in the studio seem to have translated to more fans on social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

Both the pop princess Rihanna and controversial Brown saw an increase in fans as measured by their rankings on the Billboard Social 50 chart. That chart uses a combination of data between YouTube, Facebook, VEVO, Twitter, MySpace and iLike to calculate an artist’s popularity online. The music site reports that Rihanna moved up from the 4th spot to 3rd, while Brown vaulted from 10th place to 5th.

The Billboard site also reports that Rihanna gained a 19% increase in “overall follower base.” The numbers don’t lie as she gained 427,000 new Twitter followers and 483,000 Facebook fans. Meanwhile Brown saw an increase of 28% Facebook fans, as well as 23% increases each for YouTube fans and his Twitter followers. Seems like the collaborations paid off. Both of the singers also tend to tweet on Twitter quite a bit, sometimes making it interesting for those keeping track of their comments.

Of course there’s also been the controversial rumors that the duo has reunited romantically and is secretly dating. There have been all sorts of mysterious tweets the two have sent forth, so that may have fans following along as well. Then there’s the continued criticism of Brown for hitting Rihanna, which happened years ago. That’s less likely to have increased Brown’s fans on any social media site. It seems to all be related to music and their appearances on recent awards shows like the 2012 Grammys.

Now imagine how many fans, followers, and friends they might gain online if they released a total collaboration album together? Talk about ruling the social media scene!

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