Chris Brown and Rihanna Incident Joked About by Interviewer but Trey Songz Isn’t Having It (Video)

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Once again the Chris Brown and Rihanna abuse incident has been made into a joke. This time it was done by an interviewer from a radio station and the interviewee, singer Trey Songz, decided to put her in her place for it!

Breezy’s fellow R&B singer, Trey Songz, was recently participating in an interview with Wild 94.9 which is “The Bay’s Hit Music Station.” The interviewer makes a joke (or tries to) saying there’s a rumor Chris Brown uses a pickup line “Hey can I get your number? I promise I won’t beat you.” She then asks, “How do you pick up on the ladies?” Trey responds, “I’m not cool with that question.” He tells her that he’s basically not cool with it because she’s talking about his friend in that way. Ironically, as of this report, the radio station’s website listed songs by Rihanna and Chris Brown among its “last 10 played” on the air.

The 24-second YouTube video clip of the Trey Songz interview on Wild 94.9 radio shows the interviewer trying to get a cheap laugh or comment in. However, Trey stood up for his friend, and basically for the way the media tries to use negative incidents as jokes. Making light of the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation from several years ago is far from funny, and at this point, the situation seems overplayed. You definitely have to give Trey Songz major props, not so much for defending his friend, but for refusing to participate in a question started with a joke done in poor taste!

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