Chris Brown and Rihanna Recording a Song Together?

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Rumor has it that Chris Brown and his former punching bag–er–girlfriend, Rihanna, may be working on an album or at least a song together. The increasingly infamous couple was recently spotted leaving the same recording studio, and the rumor mill immediately went into overdrive.

On February 10, Chris Brown and his long ago (2011) lady-love Rihanna were spotted exiting the same recording studio in West Hollywood. Rihanna wore a pair of baggy camouflage pants with a matching cap, a Thunderbird Hotel, Las Vegas Tee-shirt, and a pair of oversized sunglasses. CB sported a similar outfit of white tee, brown khaki shorts, black cap, and bright yellow back pack. They wore almost identical shoes. Chris didn’t look too happy, but then, as a felon with a recently denied probation termination request, how could he? Rihanna kept her head down. Wouldn’t you?

Although Breezy and RiRi didn’t leave the studio together, they had obviously occupied the same space at the same time. Rihanna left first with a female friend. CB made his escape–er–exit 20 minutes later. “According to the streets,” AKA Media Take Out, Breezy and RiRi were hard at work recording a song together. The song’s theme is reportedly “friendship and working through problems . . . not love per se.” That’s a good one. The song should be about misogyny, co-dependency, sadism, masochism, and psychological enmeshment but that wouldn’t look nearly as good on a CD case.

If the word on “the streets” is true, then Chris Brown and his seriously disturbed ex should either disappear forever, throw caution to the winds and reunite, or contact Dr. Drew Pinsky and work on getting a reality show. Their shenanigans are becoming boring.

As for their new song, it’s destined to become a billion seller if it’s ever completed. It has to. If it flops, Rihanna will be in serious trouble. Or as MTO so descriptively put it: “She better not mess up her lyrics…or POW POW.”


You can see pics of Mr. Breezy and Rihanna leaving the studio here.

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