Chris Brown and Rihanna Twitter Affair?

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Chris Brown has one, and only one, favorite tweet and it’s one tweeted by former girlfriend and domestic abuse victim, Rihanna. Because of this, some sources feel that there is some Twitter love connection in the works — so do you sense the sarcasm in the title of this story? You should.

Chris Brown Rihanna fight

It’s Twitter, people, and even Rihanna herself has told her fans that her activity on Twitter isn’t reflective of her real life. Her words back when she followed Chris Brown caused an uproar were pretty point-blank:

“It’s f*ckin’ twitter. Not the altar, calm down.”

Anyway, it seems that Rihanna made a comment on her Twitter that Chris felt appropriate to deem as “favorite” status, which has caught the attention of obsessive fans and the media:

Sometimes it feels like we find love in most hopeless place” she tweeted on Saturday.

So in the fantasies of fans of the days before Chris Brown beat the crap out of Rihanna, this must mean that the two of them are seeing each other again; but the fact of the matter is, they’re probably not. If they are, would they ever go public with the relationship? Would their relationship be able to withstand the scrutiny of those who remember how beaten, bruised and disfigured she was from the brutal assault she endured by his hands? Hopefully her tweet meant she got a new puppy or met someone with more integrity than the likes of Chris Brown!


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