Chris Brown — Another Celebrity Who Shouldn’t Have Twitter

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Chris Brown appears to be another poster-child for why celebrities should leave the tweeting to their assistants. It seems that Ashton Kutcher isn’t the only person making online mistakes this week.

Hey, speaking your mind online is fun and hell it should be encouraged. Chris Brown probably should’ve designed a fake Twitter account though, when he decided to go off on his “haters.” It seems that “Breezy” (whatever that name means) still has temper issues. Is that a big surprise? Probably not. Take a look at his following tweets:

If I wanna delete my tweets! It’s really my f*cking biz! U have ur twitter and I’ve got mine! Get all the way off my d!ck! When u consume yourself around others lives too much, u won’t have a brain and life of ur own! #weirdisthenewnormal! All these other artist are so worried about their image!!! F*ck that!! I’m ME.. If u don’t like it!! Don’t buy my sh!t! Lol!

Then later:

While all y’all sitting on the edge of ur seats waiting for me to explode.. I’d like to add that my new album FORTUNE is coming real soon!

It seems that he had second thoughts about telling people not to buy his music and merchandise, so he had to throw that out there. Does he not realize that even some of his fans troll on his Twitter every now and then? It’s funny how he basically just gave the big “eff off” to so many people. Here’s to seeing if his sales drop, and maybe he’ll start headlining free shows in casinos or something.

But hey, at least Chris Brown can almost construct a readable sentence, right?


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