Chris Brown at Rihanna’s Birthday Party: Made People Sign Confidentiality Agreement?

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It seems that Chris Brown was so paranoid about showing up at Rihanna’s birthday party that he tried to get guests and workers to sign a confidentiality agreement. Wouldn’t it have just been easier not to go?

Chris Brown at Rihanna's Birthday Party: Made People Sign Confidentiality Agreement?Rihanna’s birthday party was held Monday night at Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills, and guests were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement about Chris Brown attending before they entered. What? The Grammy winner has been acting strange now for a while deleting a Twitter rant and such, but this just takes the (birthday) cake. What is going on?

Well honestly, the pair seems to have hooked up. At the birthday party Rihanna and Chris Brown sat near each other and held hands. Since the restraining order is lifted it was all legal. Even so, was it smart? It’s hard to know. Hopefully the birthday girl realizes what she’s gotten herself into this time, and hopefully she keeps herself protected just in case he is not better.

What do you think about this fairly obvious reconnection between the two in light of their troubled past? Are you concerned?

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