Chris Brown Begs NFL’s Junior Gallette Not to Hook Up with Rihanna

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Although Chris Brown claims he and Rihanna aren’t dating, he nevertheless seems to be having a rather rough time managing his non-girlfriend. He seemed to have an easier time when there were two. First the harried Mr, Breezy had to contend with rumors that Rihanna may be cheating on him with another woman—Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel. Now NFL football player Junior Gallette is sending RihRih seductive messages on Twitter. Mr. Breezy is not amused. Gallette had better back off, or Mr. Breezy might have to rough him up, as he once threatened to do with another horny celebrity who tried to move in on Rihanna—Ashton Kutcher. Or not. Not only did the “Look At Me Now” guy hold his infamous temper. He actually sent Gallette a tweet “begging” him not to hook up with Rih.

On November 8, Junior Gallette tweeted Rihanna trying to set up a date.

“@JumiorG93: Where Have U Been All My Life Love @Rihanna,” he wrote.

According to Media Take Out, since Junior and CB are “KINDA SORTA friends [who] hung out at Miami clubs this summer,” Mr. Breezy thought they were “SORTA COOL” enough for him to respectfully request that Junior back off. He was wrong. Junior ignored him and his request, and CB apparently decided to shut up and accept the situation.

Ouch. Is Mr. Breezy losing his touch?

So far, Rihanna has yet to respond to either of them or to comment on the situation.

You can see Chris Brown’s and Junior Gallette’s tweets by clicking here.

Stay tuned.

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