Chris Brown BET Awards – The singer has an emotional breakdown onstage [SEE VIDEO HERE]

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Chris Brown made quite an impression on the BET awards last night. The infamous singer, who is most recently known for a domestic altercation with his then girlfriend, Rihanna, performed an incredible tribute to Michael Jackson.

Songs included hits such as The Man in the Mirror, which was the song Chris Brown was performing when he had a complete emotional breakdown on stage. As you can imagine, the media rumor mill is churning furiously this morning. The L.A. Times is conducting a poll (see article here) asking if Brown was “faking it”?

L.A. Times asks:

Was Brown overcome with genuine grief for the loss of Jackson or was he staging a play for sympathy in the hope of being forgiven for beating up Rihanna?

Or did his breakdown have nothing to do with Jackson or faking a ploy for sympathy? Was he really just overwhelmed that he was back singing legit again at a major industry event?

According to the same L.A. Times article, Brown was picked to do the Michael Jackson tribute because he is considered to be Jackson’s “protege.” After viewing the video of his performance, it is clear that Brown is extremely talented.

Talented yes, but did he try and toy with the audience’s emotions by crying fake tears? I tend to think yes. This was Brown’s first major performance since the Rihanna incident last year, and it would be the perfect time for him to gain back people’s trust.

Take a look at the video and see what you think. Were those real tears coming from the disgraced pop star?



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