Chris Brown Caught with Karrueche Again–Will Rihanna Go Ballistic?

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On October 20, Chris Brown was caught indulging in loving PDA with his reinstated official girlfriend, Rihanna at the launch party for his website. The launch party was the newly reunited couple’s debut as a newly reunited couple. Cool. Or not. What a difference 2 days can make. Because on October 22, CB was caught driving around with his supposedly official ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. What happened? Have CB and RihRih split already? They did reportedly have a fight. Are CB and La Tran getting back together? Or is Mr. Breezy simply playing both women.

On October 22, Brown and Tran were caught exiting his house in separate cars. Later however, they were spotted driving together to a studio in Burbank. Oops.

Earlier this month, when Mr. Breezy gave Karrueche the boot, he claimed he didn’t “want to see her hurt over [his] friendship with Rihanna.” While that sounds nice and noble, it’s also probably a bunch of bunk. Tran would probably be a lot less hurt by a quick, clean break than by this protracted nonsense. And what about that so-called “friendship” with the “Birthday Cake” girl? Rihanna can’t be happy about this latest Tran/Brown post break-up sighting–especially since it’s not the first. Karrueche was previously spotted at Chris Brown’s house on October 9, less than a week after he supposedly kicked her to the curb on October 4.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Stay tuned.

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