Chris Brown Challenged to Cage Match by Amateur Fighter

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Chris Brown has another challenger. An amateur fighter has followed in the footsteps of WWE champ CM Punk by trying to get the R&B singer in a ring with him. So would Chris have a better chance against the latest guy who wants to fight him?

It is pretty obvious why men want to spar with the star–he beat up his girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, and he’s shown little remorse for his actions since. In fact, he recently worked on two musical collaborations with his ex. It’s obvious that RiRi has forgiven Chris for what he did to her, but it seems that a lot of guys are not happy with Chris’ anger and arrogance as of late, and at least two guys are hoping to put Brown in his place.

Chris Brown might talk a tough game on Twitter, but there’s no way he’d step in a ring with a big guy like CM Punk. However, he might consider fighting his other Twitter challenger, a guy who goes by the handle @ChrsBrwnChllnge and the initials “DG.” According to HyperVocal, DG is seven inches shorter and twenty pounds lighter than Chris. He spends his days working in a cubicle, but he’s had two years of training in “mostly karate, some judo and a little Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.” So at least it wouldn’t be a breeze for Breezy to beat him.

DG would like to challenge Chris to a UFC-style cage match “to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is a spoiled child who refuses to make amends for his mistakes.” Even though Rihanna has moved on with her life, he hopes to show the world that domestic violence is inexcusable by doing his best to beat Chris Brown in a real fight.

Obviously he wants to try to make Chris feel the way that RiRi felt when he was attacking her, but he’s well aware that he could “lose miserably.”

Chris certainly loves to fight, he battles his haters on Twitter constantly. However, it’s a lot easier to attack people from behind a computer screen. He also obviously has no problem physically attacking a petite woman like Rihanna, so it would be interesting to see him take on someone his own size (or at least someone capable of fighting back). However, it would be really great if his challenger were a woman – maybe Gina Carano could teach him a lesson that he won’t soon forget.

Unfortunately Chris Brown loves playing the victim, so he probably wouldn’t actually learn anything from getting his butt kicked. Still, maybe “DG” and CM Punk have started a new trend – perhaps more guys will show Chris that he needs to show some remorse for his actions by tweeting their own challenges to him.

So would you like to see Chris in an MMA fight, or do you think men should peacefully protest his behavior by sending him tweet challenges until he has another Twitter meltdown?

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