Chris Brown confronts nude photo leak

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Chris Brown is confronting the nude photo leak that exposed his private parts to the world. While chatting with Big Boy on KPWR radio, Brown opened up about the naked photo and tried to clear a few things up.

“It was an out tChris Brown singing at Brisbane Entertainment Centre croppedhe shower shot. It was like ‘ey what’s up,'” he explained. It’s been about two weeks since the photo hit the internet, and Brown doesn’t seem all that upset about it. Then again, what can he do about it now? The photo was seen by thousands of people and leaves Brown with two main concerns. The first, he ensures Big Boy (and listening audience), that the photo was indeed sent to a girl. Secondly, he wants everyone to know that he was “alone and not even excited.” Clearly these are very important concerns.

Chris Brown’s reaction to the leaked photo is very different from, say, Vanessa Hudgens’ reaction to her leaked photo scandal(s). It makes you think about the line drawn between men and women and the difference between them when it comes to privacy. Women tend to be more reserved, and the female body is almost treasured on a different level. Of course it is different for every man and woman, but in this case, it really seems like Brown wasn’t bothered much about his junk being all over the ‘net. Thoughts?

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