Chris Brown Endorsing Dog Fighting?! Does Breezy Participate in Horrible Activity?

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Chris Brown is making a massive mistake by selling pit bull puppies online. Not only is he endangering the dogs, but he’s also at risk of killing the image he’s worked so hard to fix.

As was previously reported, C Breezy is selling pit bull puppies on his website for $1,000 each. This wouldn’t be so bad if the puppies were going to good homes, but apparently, Breezy knows his market and has bred the puppies for that horrible, gut-wrenching urban activity known as dog fighting.

Chris wrote on his website that the dogs are “performance pedigree” which is a classy way of saying they are perfect for dog fighting. And fans of the R&B bad boy can buy these dogs—and have them shipped!—all for $1,000.

This is a disgraceful thing for Chris Brown to do considering there are literally millions of pit bull dogs and puppies waiting in shelters—most of whom won’t ever make it out alive.

So, while Chris is making his money and knowing full well that most of the dogs he is selling will (no doubt) go on to be fighting dogs, millions of dogs that could make great pets will be needlessly murdered at shelters across the country.

Are you bothered that Chris Brown is breeding fighting dogs? Do you think Breezy participates in fights or is he just in it to supply fighting rings with “performance” dogs and make some quick cash?

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