Chris Brown Enters Court Today With Rihanna? Live Webcams Feeds Online

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The day has come, March 5, that singer Chris Brown, Rihanna, and the public have been awaiting — it’s the day Chris Brown is due to be appear in Los Angeles court facing criminal charges of criminal threats and possibly additional charges, including felony domestic battery, after an alleged fight with girlfriend Rihanna that resulted in his arrest.

As previously mentioned, the charges stem from an alleged argument, altercation between the celebrity couple that reportedly led the 19 year old Chris Brown to bite girlfriend Rihanna on the arm and hand and strike her in the face after becoming physical due to an argument over a phone call.

The reported fight and alleged domestic assault occurred pre-night the GrammyÂ’s (Feb. 8th) and since has had multiple variations of stories, which is not usual in a celebrity couple battle turned scandal even.

Chris Brown first made a statement regarding the domestic incident one week following which was only after a report first that the singer had changed his Facebook status to ‘single‘ and after his biological father made a statement claiming the singer was ‘remorseful’ first.

Following that, there were reports of sources close to Rihanna saying that she thought the statement by boyfriend Brown was ‘not enough‘ and quote “cavalier and arrogant” which she eventually, days later, released a statement of her own but would not comment on Brown.

Then, the most shocking news of all broke, which was when a photo of a badly battered and bruised Rihanna was released by celebrity gossip site TMZ which disturbed many people allegedly even a list of celebrities as well such as Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Oprah Winfrey Show television host Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, singer Usher and many others.

The photo caused Chris Brown to be banned from some radio and to lose multiple endorsement deals.

Following the news of the photo, was news that Rihanna was reported as possibly preganant during the alleged fight. Afterward, two weeks after the incident, the two began to be spotted, such as Rihanna in L.A. for her birthday, then Rihanna again in Mexico caught in bikini pictures, and Chris Brown in Miami supposedly partying as well. The spotted photos of Rihanna and Chris Brown separately became such a news flash that, reportedly news agencies were offering at least $100,000 for a photo of Rihanna and Chris Brown caught together.

Latest news was, days before court, that the two have gotten back together and possibly may have even gotten married in a secret wedding.

Now, we come to the date that everyone has been awaiting including Chris Brown, Rihanna, their family and friends and the remaining public eye.

The outcome shall soon be announced, meanwhile, news sites such as celebrity gossip site TMZ are giving a live shot outside the court house via webcam as the public anxiously awaits the outcome and possible end or maybe re-beginning of the Rihanna, Chris Brown unfortunate celebrity saga.

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