Chris Brown Goes Bald Says He Looks Like ‘Mr. Clean': What Will Rihanna Think?

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Chris Brown has gotten rid of those horrid blonde locks once and for all. The sexy R&B star has decided to shave off all of his hair and go bald!

In a photo posted on Instagram, Breezy shows off his new look—albeit from a distance—and says “Bald breezy! Mr clean”, which actually sums it up pretty well.

From the looks of the photo, Chris is in his garage and standing near one of his cars but you can’t see his face too well. However, from what you can see, it does seem like the new look is a good one.

After all anything would be better than that bleached blonde hair he’s been sporting.

What do you think Rihanna will think of Chris Brown and his bald head? Will she like it or will she turn and run the other way?

Hopefully Chris will post a better photo of himself soon so fans can see exactly how his new look turned out!

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