Chris Brown Goes Cockeyed: What Was He Smoking?!

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Chris Brown is really enjoying his time smoking it up around the globe. After posting a few photos in the past weeks showing himself smoking blunts galore, it appears that something made the R&B singer and Rihanna’s boyfriend cockeyed.

So what the heck was he smoking?

According to Media Take Out, C Breezy was not smoking plain old weed.

“What The FREAK Is Chris SMOKING . . . It Can’t Be WEED . . . Cause Weed Doesn’t Do THAT TO YOU!! (Shock Pics)” claimed the headline on MTO’s site.

Obviously, Chris has been smoking something, since you can see the smoke in the photo. However, he could have just crossed his eyes for effect and not because he was high on something else.

Do you think Chris Brown is smoking something harder than weed? He’s getting as bad as Rihanna with the blunt photos!

Hopefully, Chris doesn’t get himself in trouble with the court since he is still on probation!

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