Chris Brown Haters Plaster Posters of Rihanna’s Beaten Face Around Town to Protest Concert

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Chris Brown shouldn’t expect too much of a warm welcome when he arrives in Stockholm, Sweden for his November 19 concert there and it’s not just because of the weather. It’s because city residents have been glaringly reminded of what he did to ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Giant posters featuring Rihanna’s battered face have been put up around town to protest his concert.

The posters ask concert organizers to cancel the concert in light of the singer’s violet past. Photos of the posters, as seen on Swedish website, show that some of the posters are so big that it covers storefront windows. There’s no word yet on who’s responsible for the posters and whether they’re the same or connected to those who stuck warning labels that stated, “WARNING: Do Not Buy This Album! This Man Beats Women,” on the singer’s albums in a music store in the United Kingdom in September.

While the people who put up the posters have good intentions, they’re going a bit too far by blowing up the photo and plastering it around town. Everyone already knows what he did. He has a right to continue with his music career if people are still willing to spend their money on him. Rihanna herself have seemingly forgiven Chris Brown for the act and have confessed to still being in love with him. The last thing she probably wants is to have a photo of her beaten face paraded around town. Even if his critics do not agree with her forgiving and getting back with him, it’s her choice to do so and she shouldn’t have to be reminded all over again of what happened that night.

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