Chris Brown Having an Identity Crisis; Totally Shames Karrueche

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Chris Brown may be in love with two beautiful women but airing his feelings in such a public way is only going to leave one of them hurt—and it won’t be Rihanna!

The sexy R&B singer apparently wasn’t thinking when he filmed a video and then posted it to his Twitter account saying that people don’t know who the “real” Chris is.

Well, who is he? Is he someone who two-times his girlfriend? Is he someone who publicly humiliates her?

It sure seems that way.

As Global Grind’s Blogxilla said: How must Karrueche be feeling knowing that Chris had his friends film her and Breezy together and then Breezy and Rihanna? It must be weird to think that he was getting footage for his video with both girls, even while he was supposedly only dating Kae.

Obviously, Chris Brown wasn’t thinking when he released the video. Maybe he’s having an identity crisis and he doesn’t know who the real Chris is either.

However, no matter what he was feeling, he should have thought about who he would be hurting (particularly Karrueche) before releasing the video to the world.

Do you think the video was disrespectful to Karrueche?

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