Chris Brown: Is He Toying with Media on Twitter?

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Chris Brown seems to be having fun now messing with the media… and getting the attention that he wants. For the 2nd time on Tuesday, he tweeted and deleted! Was this just a veiled jab at the media machine?

Make no mistake about it, people are watching Chris Brown’s every move. When a celebrity has nearly 6 million followers and is one of the hottest R&B acts on the planet, this is not tough to believe. Add to that Brown’s checkered past, loyal fan base, ego, and anger issues and Breezy becomes even more intriguing.

Breezy knows that he has a history of blowing up on Twitter, so it is hardly shocking that people are watching his feed now like a hawk. Call it waiting for the next implosion coupled with Chris Brown’s ego and need for constant attention. Brown has now learned that quick Twitter posts followed by deleting them may actually get him MORE attention.

First it was “put on a happy face” right out of Bye Bye Birdie (read about that here). Then came the veiled admission that he is using his Twitter feed for attention. See, if anyone talks about Chris, they are automatically part of his PR machine…in effect they are “Team Breezy.” Chris tweeted (and quickly deleted) this:

It’s great how some people really are apart of TEAMBREEZY and don’t know it! Lol….

The thing is do these people know it or not? The more stories about Chris Brown, the more popular he becomes and the more music he sells. Chris feels that he needs to constantly be out there to be heard (though his artistry actually stands on its own). He knows that the media machine will hang on his every word.

Yes, Brown may actually have mastered Twitter to the point where he controls the content that is written about him, one 144-character (or less) Twitter post at a time!

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