Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran and Rihanna–Love Triangle Alive and Well?

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Why did Chris Brown agree to see Karrueche Tran this past weekend? It seems there’s some sort of method to this madness–and it doesn’t sound like Rihanna’s going to like it one bit.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, it sounds like Breezy can’t quite shake off Karrueche Tran, so he’s seeing her on the side. The dinner date on Friday was just that–a dinner date. And people with girlfriends don’t go on dinner dates with old girlfriends.

Chris split up wChris Brownith Karrueche to pursue his relationship with Rihanna but now it sounds like he really needs both of these women in his life.

“I know [Chris] loves Rihanna and that’s his number one, but [he] still is looking after [Karrueche Tran] on the low. I didn’t really see that s**t coming, but I know how it is. He’s been seeing her this past week and I guess they’re talking. I’m not trying to say Chris is doing anything bad because I don’t think he is. It’s way complicated and s**t. He left [Karrueche] for Rihanna and that’s real f**king love right there. On the other hand, [Karrueche] is still calling and texting him and he gets weak,” a source says.

Weak? It really doesn’t come down to Chris being weak. It simply means he’s a man whore and has to have all of these women (there are probably more than just Karrueche and Rihanna–just check out the fun he had at a Playboy party this weekend) at one time to stroke his–um, ego.

Rihanna is aware of what’s going on and it likely won’t be long before she blows her top. But she put up with him in this ridiculous love triangle before and she’ll probably do it again. Why do neither of these women have any self-esteem?

“[Rihanna] isn’t that damn happy he’s talking to [Karrueche], but you know what though, Rihanna loves [him] majorly. There really isn’t too much [Chris] could do that would piss her off. Chris is my [friend], no doubt, but he’s young and a superstar and he’s out there. He’s really out there, likes to party and clown and s**t and Rihanna knows that. She’s mature and understands what type of s**t Chris [gets into]. Rihanna is cool. She [isn’t] going to leave him over him hanging with [Karrueche]. Her heart is all caught up over Chris and his is too. They’re cool, so don’t trip,” the source explains.

So it certainly seems like the Chris Brown, Rihanna and Karrueche Tran love triangle is or will soon be back up and running in all its disgusting and immoral glory. Do you think either of these women will grow a pair and tell Breezy to take that proverbial hike–for good?

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