Chris Brown Leaves Rihanna’s Hotel to Deliver Flowers to Karrueche Tran

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Chris Brown was busted leaving Rihanna’s hotel after their little rendezvous in a NYC nightclub on Monday night. Technically, nobody saw him leaving RiRi’s room, but it is easy to guess where he was visiting. What will his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran say? She didn’t have to wait long before she got to hear what he had to say. Apparently, Chris left the hotel and headed straight out to meet her.

Is this guy for real? Not only was he spotted making out with Rihanna in the club, there is a nasty rumor he got busy with his ex in a bathroom. So, how did he break the news to Karrueche? According to the Daily Mail, with a bouquet of white roses and some Godiva chocolate. Did she actually accept his excuse or apology or whatever garbage he was spewing?

It is hard to fathom why anybody would want to stay with a guy who is clearly chasing after somebody else. Rihanna and Chris Brown have a deep connection, whether it is healthy or not is their deal, but Karrueche clearly needs to see the light. Of course, rumors and media speculations are probably making the situation bigger than it is, but there is obviously something there.

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