Chris Brown Makes Rihanna Cry on Kiss and Fly Date Night—New Details Revealed

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Non-couple, Chris Brown and his former assault victim, Rihanna, hooked up for a super romantic date night at Kiss and Fly nightclub on November 10. The new details of their date have just been revealed, and insiders say CB behaved like a man in love. Mr. Breezy was reportedly so convincingly tender and romantic that Rihanna was reduced to tears. Oh, brother—er—how sweet.

Yes, Mr. Breezy surprised his “friend,” Rihanna on November 10 by stopping off in New York en route to the first stop on his new European tour. He wanted to support RihRih after her Saturday Night Live performance. And apparently, he did a great job.

“Chris was being spontaneous on this one,” an inside source revealed. “He had to stop off in NYC yesterday, but [Chris] had his boys thinking it was going to be for a hot second, however, he knew all along that he wanted to chill with Rihanna and spend the night in NYC before he jetted out. He surprised Rihanna. She didn’t even know he was flying out to NYC — let alone to see her. She was crazy surprised and was low-key crying when she saw his ass. [Chris] texted one of the [girls] in her crew and got the location where they were. He swung by her pad with a bottle with one white rose and surprised her! At that point, she was gone. He could have asked her to marry him and she would have been like ‘hell yeah!”

Right. Well, “gone” is certainly the right word for Rihanna’s state of mind if she was actually ready and willing to marry the felon that night. Fortunately for her, Mr. Breezy did not propose. He and Rihanna went straight to the Kiss and Fly club where they made a grand entrance with Kevin Hart and Carmelo Anthony. A good time was presumably had by all.

So, there you have it. For a couple of people who deny being a couple Chris Brown and Rihanna certainly act like they’re together. Maybe they should cool it before somebody gets the wrong idea.

Just saying.

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