Chris Brown Moves Into Posh L.A. Neighborhood–Rihanna Moves Out

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Chris Brown has finally done something to make his West Hollywood neighbors happy. He’s moved. The volatile singer has just bought a $1.5 million mansion in an exclusive L.A. neighborhood. And ironically, just as he was moving in, his abused ex-girlfriend Rihanna was moving out.

For once, Chris Brown has reportedly done the right thing. After antagonizing–er–failing to get along with his neighbors in his condo complex, Breezy plunked down a big chunk of change on a 2,500 square foot house. Ironically, his ex-girlfriend, R&B singer Rihanna whose face he was convicted of breaking in 2009 was a resident of the same posh neighborhood. Oops. Awkward.

Well, it would have certainly been problematic, but fortunately, Rihanna had already made the decision to list her 8,500 square foot mansion for sale. In fact, the Barbadian beauty filed a lawsuit against the property developer back in August, alleging that the house was so poorly constructed that it allowed “significant water intrusion and moisture issues throughout as well as encroachment issues.” Yikes. Imagine having to contend with all that plus Chris Brown as a neighbor.

Fortunately for Rihanna, the former lovebirds will not cross paths. Chris Brown is looking forward to his new life in his new home, and his West Hollywood former neighbors are simply looking forward to life without Chris Brown. Although CB still owns the condo, it’s doubtful he’ll ever reside there again because of litigation he faces due to “various issues he encountered while he lived there.”

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