Chris Brown Moves Karrueche into His Condo while Rihanna Plans Wedding — Oops

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The Chris Brown flying circus becomes more bizarre each day. Rumor now has it that the amazing Mr. Breezy has moved his cast-off girlfriend, Karrueche, into his million-dollar condo where she ‘s living rent-free. Are they friends with benefits? And what about his recently reconciled girlfriend, Rihanna? Rumor has it she’s already planning the celebrity guest list for her wedding with Mr. Breezy. Yikes. What a revolting development this might turn out to be.

According to Media Take Out, Karrueche is now living in CB’s condo. You know, the one he moved out of because his neighbors were complaining about him. Well, hopefully, they’ll like Karrueche better, because she seems to have settled in for the long haul. And why wouldn’t she? According to MTO, La Tran has the luxurious 3,000-square-foot, three-bedroom, four-bath Hollywood condo which also boasts “incredible city views” all to herself. Gee, maybe Mr. Breezy isn’t such a bad guy after all. Even though he’s moved on, he’s helping his ex get her act together, and it’s all out of the kindness of his heart. Or not. It has been suggested that CB has impure ulterior motives for letting Karrueche live at his “stash house.” He’s “paying to keep a roof over her head [and] she can continue living there… as long as Chris continues to get his… errr… PRIVILEGES!!!”

So, does this mean Chris Brown and Karrueche are friends with benefits? And what of poor co-dependent—er—clueless Rihanna? What will happen to her dreams of shoes and rice when she finds out who’s still sleeping in her light of love’s, um, condo.

Oh well, the only thing left to say is: “Stay tuned.”

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