Chris Brown or Blue Ivy? Jay-Z, Beyonce Force Rihanna to Choose!

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Who will it be… Chris Brown or Blue Ivy? That is the choice Rihanna reportedly has before her after Jay-Z and Beyoncé Knowles laid down the law recently. According to reports, Rihanna could be banned from seeing Blue Ivy if she refuses to stay away from Brown.

Can anyone blame Jay-Z and Beyoncé for wanting to protect their child? Look, they have decided to nurture the newest member of their family, and now matter how much they love RiRi, if she insists on running back into the arms of one Chris Brown, they would rather distance themselves from the drama.

Apparently, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are threatening to ban Rihanna from seeing their child. It is now three years since Brown turned RiRi’s face into bloody hamburger.

Here’s what a source has to say about all of this:

Beyoncé to tell Rihanna [Jay-Z] doesn’t want her around the baby if she takes Chris back. He wants Blue to have positive role models, not someone who’d take back a man who hit her.

Obviously, Beyoncé and Jay-Z believe that there is some level of truth to the rumors that RiRi and Breezy are back together, even though she says that their recent meetings have only been music related. Good for Jay-Z trying to knock a little sense into Rihanna’s head with some tough love, because clearly Chris Brown beating her up didn’t work.

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