Chris Brown Outburst on ‘GMA’ Brings Outpouring of Fan Support

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Wait? Did Chris Brown’s outburst on “GMA” actually boost his career? That is a bit of a shock. The controversy has lead to many fans voicing their support of the singer who punched his then girlfriend Rihanna.

After Brown angrily stormed out of a “Good Morning America” interview over questions about Rihanna, his fans appear to have supported him. The angry singer smashed a window in his dressing room after the interview.

Later, on Twitter Chris Brown tweeted about the incident writing, “I’m so over people bringing this past sh** up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bullsh**.” Later, Chris Brown removed the tweet from Twitter, but media outlets had already reported on it.

There were many fans posted their support of the singer around the Internet. A fan signed in as nthnbtlove posted on MTV’s site, “We love you Chris!! There’s no reason for anyone to even ask him about Rihanna anymore, ABC should have had something better to talk about as that is old.”

Brown’s new album even got its own Twitter hashtag #GetFame from fans who are supporting the singer by purchasing his album on iTunes. The new album shot to #1 after the GMA outburst. Twitter’s @DancingVero tweeted, “Dont let them bring u down <3…  I guess I shud buy Chris Brown album. I want to hear it out.” Meanwhile, @Miko514 tweeted, “I got that Chris Brown FAME album…I love u Chris Brown!!!” The popular microblog site is filled with positive tweets of support for the singer and his new album F.A.M.E.

As much as Chris Brown has worked to repair the damage done to his image by the domestic violence, it is still there. He is going to have to realize that questions about the incident with Rihanna are going to come up for a long time, and he really needs to handle them much better than he did on “GMA.” It seems like he still needs some anger management even two years after it happened.

Chris Brown Outburst on GMA Brings Outpouring of Fan Support

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