Chris Brown Responds to GQ Worst Dressed Diss (Video)

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Although it’s difficult to believe, Chris Brown was recently voted the Worst Dressed Man by GQ Magazine. Not one to take criticism calmly, CB has responded to the diss by explaining on video exactly “where his style inspiration comes from.” Swizz Beats, Tyga, and Big Sean also appear in the video talking about their respective fashion styles.

Chris Brown couldn’t resist setting the record straight about what GQ Magazine obviously considered his lack of good taste in clothes. On the video which you can watch below, Mr. Breezy drones on about his wardrobe choices and his reasons, if any, for making them.

“I look at my fashion a lot different, like some days I might feel like dressing like a skater…,” Chris explained. “The clothes don’t wear you, you wear the clothes. A lot of my fashion icons today are like Pharrell, he has a lot of incredible style and him being from Virginia, that’s always one of those things that get the kids going excited. For me, I was excited as a kid, being able to see him influence the world with his fashion and him being from where I’m from. That was kinda dope. People wanna be the artist on TV, not saying they embody the artist, but they look up to the person that’s their idols and role models.”

Right. Hopefully, CB was referring to the artists and role models who inspired him when he was younger. And those who still inspire him today. It would be sad indeed if young people considered Chris a role model worthy of being emulated. Not surprisingly, the video ends on a self-aggrandizing note. In the end, CB’s fashion sense, such as it is, is basically a reflection of his own mindset and his personal philosophy of life.

“I’m myself at all times,” boasts the Beautiful People singer. “I don’t care what the media say, I don’t care about s**t, so I just do me. I’m independent, my music, my thought process has brought me where I am.”

So, there you have it. Chris Brown doesn’t “care about s**t.” Spoken like a true role model for this millennium.

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