Chris Brown Responds to Transgender Fan Pic Diss

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Well known feminist and friend of the LGBT community, Chris Brown, has responded to a recent diss from a celebrity website that sported a photo of the felonious Grammy winner in a club with a fan whom the website labelled a “tranny.” Yikes. So what did Mr. Breezy say?

It all started when Media TakeOut posted a pic of CB posing with a very tall, admittedly somewhat masculine looking lady. Brown is clad in a white tee-shirt and backwards baseball cap. The lady in question sports a black leather jacket and black jeans. Her shoulder-length brown hair is streaked with blonde highlights, and she’s wearing black eye makeup and clear lip gloss. Both are smiling broadly. Although the photo, which you can see by clicking here, is innocent enough, MTO being MTO gave it a decidedly lurid cast.

“Shock Pic” read the headline, “R & B Singer Chris Brown is Photo’d In The Club..WITH A TRANNEY!!!!”

Goodness. It almost seems as if the website is as homophobic as Rihanna’s true love. Accompanying the pic is a caption superimposed over CB’s right shoulder that reads: “Look how Breezy is leaning in.” Well, that’s true. He seems to be leaning against the fan as if he wants to snuggle with her. Anyway, predictably CB was not about to take this–or anything else for that matter–lying down. On March 18, he responded via Twitter.

“MTO!!! I have all kinds of fans that come to my shows!” wrote the suddenly LGBT community friendly Mr. Breezy. “I respect each an every one of them!”

Right. Well, at least he’s learned not to blatantly disrespect them anymore.

So, there you have it. Is this the beginning of a new “beef?” Chris Brown and Team Breezy vs. MTO? And if so, who’s right, and who will prevail? There was certainly nothing wrong with the pic MTO posted. Mr. Breezy is over 21 and so presumably was the transgender fan. Nevertheless, it was rather unexpected considering CB’s history of using the word “gay” as an insult. On the other hand, Media Take Out has often shown a penchant for gleefully taking potshots at Karrueche’s controversial boyfriend. But then, what else is he good for?

No doubt, much like the RiRi-CB-Karrueche triangle, this too will be continued. Stay tuned.

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